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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
293 Jul 1954CAB normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. E. NewloveI’m often picked up in the street; for Spanish gentlemen it’s me before all the pride of Piccadilly!i.e. cab + all Eros = caballeros
SecondMrs L. JarmanNote the flag’s position, waggle away at the driver, and you may arrive in one!cryptic def.; golf; For Hire flag
ThirdMiss D. W. TaylorWhat goes into this Rank production is hackneyed farecryptic def.; Rank films; Hackney carriage
HCA. H. AllenderThe horse in this is fantastic. The opposite is just macabrei.e. macabre = cab in mare
HCC. Allen BakerHalf a small room—sharing a bath with about sixteen others—no wonder I’m a growler!(a) cab(in), 2 defs.; cab2, bath2; growler = horse-drawn cab
HCMrs A. R. BoormanOne for the road? That’s almost three pints!2 mngs., cab1,2
HCP. B. ChapmanAfter his hundred Jack gains on the clock—a run-making machine!C + AB; Jack = sailor; taximeter clock
HCW. DarbyOne for the road. but probably not a quick one, there being more than a quart of the original French leftcab(riolet) (Fr.); cab1,2
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonThere’s nearly three pints there, but I’m for keeping the driver dry2 mngs.
HCJ. H. DingwallAffords driver protection from rain—but maybe not from hail?2 mngs.; hail a cab
HCS. B. GreenOne of the many aids to translation to be found in Homer2 mngs.; translation = removal; cab2, homer1 [see comments]
HCJ. W. JenkinsIn the transport shelter one can get a few pints and a floor show, free of chargecab(aret), 2 defs.; cab1,2; aret (obs) = entrust
HCC. R. MalcolmKeeps the flag flying in the rankscryptic def.; For Hire flag
HCC. J. MorseHomer too large a volume? Then try this. It’s for people in a hurry—the modern shortened versioncab(riolet); cab2, homer1
HCK. PerryCoin is missing from American’s hand-bag—job for Holmes!cabas less as3; job = hired carriage
HCC. P. ReaLess than three pints ensures that the driver is not under the weather2 mngs.; cab1,2
HCA. RobinsTowards the end of my day with horses, I’m tired, or have a tender behind!cryptic def.; tire2, tender3
HCW. RodgersThree pints, and one for the road: it’s the simplest thing to have a smashanag. of ABC, 2 defs; cab1,2
HCJ. ThompsonA Scotsman takes one—it may be with hesitation!—if he’s having a flingcab(er), & lit.
HCR. ThorburnOut of the first three. Flagged in front—at corners and in the straight?anag. of ABC; For Hire flag; pick-up locations
HCJ. F. N. WedgeI’m free-lance and have no stage commitments—perhaps Rank has an opening for me!cryptic def.; bus fare stages; Rank films

Runners-Up in competition 293:

S. AinleyT. J. GuffickD. P. M. MichaelSgt N. E. Sharp
T. E. BellMrs B. M. HalpernP. H. MorganMrs E. M. Simmonds
S. BuntonMrs M. HendersonMrs A. M. OsmondF. B. Stubbs
A. N. ClarkP. HoltbyJ. W. ParrJ. B. Sykes
Miss S. J. CoareL. JohnsonR. PostillH. G. Tattersall
E. J. CollmanJ. Hardie KeirMaj J. N. PurdonCapt C. Tyers
R. M. S. CorkE. E. R. KilnerD. G. PutnamW. H. Victory
G. N. CoulterA. D. LeggeE. J. RackhamJ. S. Young
M. S. Y. FowlerD. M. LewisA. Redstone 
E. GomersallC. J. LoweJ. S. Russell 
A. GriffithsH. LyonR. Seale