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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
730 Jan 1963ARCH-PIRATE normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr T. J. R. MaguireFor a whimsical version of me in a libretto, read Barrie. Capt. Hookanag. of (b)arriecapth(ook), & lit.; ref. Peter Pan (1954 Musical)
SecondW. H. PegramOne was the creation of Barrie (Capt. Hook), but you don’t need the book for that!anag. of (b)arriecapth(ook), & lit.
ThirdK. GibsonA leader of robbers, having each trip routed with an eye to the main chanceanag. incl. a r(obbers) & lit.
HCDr R. L. BellShrewd sanctimonious class of seaman; his subordinates board with himarch pi rate
HCC. O. ButcherRoguish leading seaman who turns up to divide the spoilarch + tar (rev.) in pie & lit.
HCT. DaviesLeading seaman up in plunder?arch + tar (rev.) in pie & lit.
HCN. C. DexterRovers’ captain discovered endlessly hard ground with part iceanag. incl. har(d); ref frozen football pitches, winter of 1962/3
HCS. B. GreenOne pre-eminently prized roguish standard without “sanctimonious part”pi in arch rate; ref. “Pirate King Song,” from P.s of Penzance
HCR. W. JakemanDisreputable patriarch has to anticipate the same end as Smee’sanag., plus e, & lit.
HCF. P. N. LakeHook, perhaps, with curved part coming to a point. The last four got away, I reckon!arch p(oint) I rate; ref. angling
HCJ. D. H. MackintoshCunning vermin encountered in the mess may be “Major Water-Rat”arch + rat in pie, & lit.
HCN. C. MahonyFred’s skipper? Dexterous type, rather peculiar mannerarch pi rate: ref. Frederic in P. of Penzance, Ted D., England cricket captain, and F. Trueman, bowler
HCD. P. M. MichaelChief one of those leaving ship in confusionarch + rat in pie, & lit.
HCC. J. MorsePre-eminently one of the roving kind—jolly good value for a Paul Jones, according to his enemies!arch pirate, arch pi rate; ref. John P. J., privateer and Paul Jones dance
HCR. PostillCrafty chief, and one who may leave a sinking ship in confusionarch + rat in pie, & lit.
HCMrs J. RobertsonRavishing shipboard menace in first class—ditch her at Capri!anag.; first class = of highest rank
HCR. E. ScratonRoguish sailor showing ascendancy amongst disorderly typesarch + tar (rev.) in pie & lit.
HCE. O. SeymourSee Never-never land in an uncommon rare Act I. Captain Hook plays his villainous roleHP in anag.; never-never = hire purchase
HCL. E. ThomasHe might invest a packet, making take-over bids in the main. Possibly a rich pater helps!anag.; cryptic def.; invest = besiege, packet = ship
HCMrs V. WebbCar the pair smashed may lead to gang leaderanag.
HCW. E. WhiteConfused type follows head to front of class. Made leader of boardersarch pi rate
HCA. H. WrightHook, perhaps, or curved part, i.e. part warpedarch + anag.
HCA. J. YoungHook, for example, a sharp curve, after exaggerated hip movement ending in drive by railing!arc + anag. of hip + rate2; ref. golf

Runners-Up in competition 730:

R. B. AdcockF. E. DixonMrs L. JarmanMrs N. Perry
A. W. AspinallL. L. DixonA. H. JonesRev E. G. Riley
F. D. H. AtkinsonMrs N. FisherT. P. KellyA. Robins
G. F. BamfordH. W. FlewettA. LawrieE. L. Russell
J. W. BatesL. G. FlukeMiss J. S. LumsdenF. G. Smith
E. A. BeaulahP. H. FreemanMrs E. McFeeT. L. Strange
T. E. BellF. D. GardinerT. W. MelluishJ. B. Sweeting
J. M. BennettC. E. GatesW. L. MironG. R. Webb
N. H. BinghamS. GoldieP. H. MorganJ. F. N. Wedge
Rev C. M. BrounW. F. GoodmanD. F. PalingP. G. Williams
R. S. CaffynH. A. HayesMiss M. J. PatrickM. Woolf
Mrs J. ChalkleyC. H. HudsonL. S. Pearce 
P. M. CoombsJ. G. HurstG. Perry