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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
995 Jun 1991STASIMA Printer’s Devilry26


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. R. PalmerDo Ayatollahs practise fir/m sin control of the faithful? 
SecondD. AshcroftI’m more revolutionary than mo/narchic 
ThirdP. A. CashI’m partial to fish in watery vi/naigretteaigrette = egret
VHCM. BarleyDo P.E. along with music, be fit – the ra/ge nowadays 
VHCRev Canon C. M. BrounLazy Muslim! I sla/m calls to prayer 
VHCR. G. BruceIs the wooden che/rub a product of Brazil!simaruba
VHCE. J. BurgeDrowning man sees life’s pa/ges flash before him 
VHCC. CulverFor each exotic new che/rub a tree must diesimaruba
VHCM. EarleI’m not going to bed – ’is hone/ybees teemed in some quarters 
VHCB. FrancoThose anticipating their regular service, pro te/m cancel sprayers 
VHCH. FreemanI’m worried about gu/y – see my bonfire, blown out! 
VHCP. F. HendersonFor excitement I have Aze/d venture – some routine stuff is not for me 
VHCV. G. HendersonBowler on (West Indian) wouldn’t entirely disguise ra/ge 
VHCR. H. F. IshamMeal out, on Co/ke! Poor reputation for Britaina lout on Costas
VHCG. E. JohnstonMe, fix the gearbox? I’d rather re/verse to work! 
VHCF. P. N. LakeClue’s definitely off. No win today – spo/iled it in haste 
VHCC. J. LoweI go in la/ke, a regular duck! 
VHCMrs J. MackieJokes about knickers make me smile at ‘be/g elastic’agelastic
VHCD. F. ManleySetter may say, ‘At the lunch you’d expect me to get boo/zed!’ 
VHCD. R. RobinsonFinding my lu/te pleasing am I lasciviousref. King Richard III, 1 i, 13
VHCR. RoganDespite patience, swearing a lot in ju/risprudencesimar
VHCK. M. SaundersMohammad, running to the mosque – Isla/m calls Muslims to prayer 
VHCP. L. StoneWill is well – the specialist sho/t tending the bashref. Prince William’s accident
VHCD. H. TompsettI’ve given up all the co/ke for grass and snow in the AlpsCostas
VHCM. J. E. WarehamI lu/rch through Soho at night 
VHCD. C. WilliamsonI avoid damaging the ba/rk off trees to show my trail 

HCs in competition 995 awarded to:

J. AbernethyV. DixonMrs M. LazaridesG. Rogers
Ms J. ArmstrongM. G. ElliottJ. C. LeylandH. R. Sanders
Mrs G. M. BarkerG. B. FaldingP. LongT. E. Sanders
M. J. BarkerC. J. FeetenbyR. K. LumsdonA. J. Shields
P. F. BauchopD. S. FielkerM. A. Macdonald-CooperW. K. M. Slimmings
J. R. BeresfordDr I. S. FletcherMrs E. L. MacNeillD. A. Smith
Mrs K. BissettR. P. C. FormanJ. R. C. MichieA. St Quintin
C. BlackburnE. H. FurnivalC. G. MillinJ. G. Stubbs
T. BlightmanN. C. GoddardT. J. MooreyR. I. Sutherland
Mrs M. J. CansfieldJ. F. GrimshawP. MorelandJ. B. Sweeting
E. ChalkleyS. G. HansonR. S. MorseP. Thacker
C. A. ClarkeMs M. A. HarrisonT. W. MortimerDr I. Torbe
M. ClarkeD. V. HarryR. A. MostynA. P. Vincent
D. C. ClenshawMrs B. E. HendersonA. W. T. MottramD. J. Waddams
M. CoatesR. J. HooperR. J. PalmerMrs J. Waldren
Capt D. A. CraddockE. HornbyJ. PearceMs J. Ward
Mrs J. M. CritchleyR. V. HutchinsonR. PhillipsA. J. Wardrop
G. CuthbertR. JacksB. A. PikeM. J. Watts
Mrs C. DavisG. JohnstoneMrs A. PriceU. J. White
E. DawidM. JonesD. Price JonesW. D. Wigley
P. DayB. P. A. KeaneA. G. RayG. H. Willett
R. DeanR. E. KimmonsC. P. ReaDr E. Young
N. C. DexterA. LawrieH. L. Rhodes