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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
738 Mar 1963ANAESTHETIC normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs E. M. SimmondsI can see that, mistakenly, a number of people like snow!anag.; that which numbs; cocaine
SecondP. R. ClemowI and my local types can be deduced from “caine” at the end of namesanag. incl. s, & lit.; cocaine, novocaine, etc.
ThirdMrs L. JarmanA case ’neath it gets choppped upanag. & lit.
HCDr G. B. ArrowsmithA scene that I play with stunning theatrical effectanag.; play = move about irregularly
HCF. D. H. AtkinsonTheatre’s sensational number: frenzied scene a hitanag.
HCC. Allen BakerStorm in a tea-chest! (That would really put one out!)anag.; storm vb. tr.
HCK. BlewettThe aces ain’t shuffled: that’ll preserve us from the dole!anag.; dole = pain
HCA. R. ChandlerFacilitates repair of bone china tea-set following breakageanag.
HCMrs M. P. CraineTheatre-goes are needled because of one scene that I murdereda + anag.
HCW. DarbyA scene that I altered should prevent feeling creeping in the theatreanag.
HCMrs N. DeanI can see that being disorderly is a way of getting oneself put outanag.
HCN. C. DexterThis causes distraught patient’s ache quietly to melt awayanag. less p, & lit.
HCJ. FloodWhat deadens decayed teeth as I can seeanag. & lit.
HCC. P. GrantNumber one—it’s the ace: reshuffle necessaryan + anag.
HCS. B. GreenSnow perhaps responsible for one main being up—it must certainly be given most of the creditan + sea (rev.) + the tic(k); cocaine
HCE. J. GriewAfter this there should be nothing for the patient to feel upset at in the caseanag. & lit.
HCF. G. IllingworthA peculiar scene that I insipred in the theatreanag.
HCD. IzzardSin θ fully permuted denotes a number between 1 and 100anag. of sine theta in a, C
HCF. P. N. LakeWhat can soothe bad teeth as I can?anag.
HCE. O. SeymourIt is arranged that I can see a number of patients in surgeryanag.
HCT. L. Strange“I can see that needs drilling” … It’s guaranteed to unnerve you at the dentist’s!anag.
HCJ. W. TaylorI can see that, recast, it could be a knock-out in the theatreanag.
HCD. A. TingleyI can see that getting intoxicated produces a number of sensationsanag.
HCC. E. WilliamsGiven by operators etc. in haste—a wrong numberanag., 2 defs.

Runners-Up in competition 738:

R. B. AdcockW. F. GoodmanMrs E. McFeeMrs E. Shackleton
Mrs E. AllenR. R. GreenfieldD. L. McNeightW. K. M. Slimmings
J. K. AndersonF. H. W. HawesD. P. M. MichaelMrs I. G. Smith
A. W. AspinallRev A. D. HodgsonC. G. MillinJ. P. Smith
J. BarrowN. P. Treweek HughesP. H. MorganM. C. Souster
J. W. BatesR. W. JakemanC. J. MorseT. A. J. Spencer
R. T. BaxterL. JohnsonMrs M. NewellL. T. Stokes
J. M. BennettMiss A. R. JohnstoneR. R. O’ConnellJ. B. Sweeting
Capt A. S. BirtA. H. JonesL. S. PearceMiss D. W. Taylor
D. L. L. ClarkeT. P. KellyG. PerryH. S. Tribe
J. C. B. DateR. E. KimmonsR. PostillC. T. Tulloch
J. B. DouglasA. LawrieLady ReayH. Walsham
H. W. FlewettP. W. W. LeachRev E. G. RileyG. R. Webb
P. H. FreemanA. F. LerrigoMr & Mrs A. RivlinS. A. Wetherfield
F. D. GardinerDr & Mrs J. P. LesterW. G. RobertsMaj T. A. Whitamore
S. C. GilchristS. M. MacphersonMrs J. RobertsonMrs M. Wishart
J. GillDr T. J. R. MaguireA. RobinsM. Woolf
P. Glennie-SmithMrs W. J. MahoodR. E. Scraton 
S. GoldieMiss H. MartinJ. A. Sefton